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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Barrie Trower Talks with Victims of Non-Consensual Microwave and EMF Experimentation and Testing


  1. I would say I'm the number one Target in the world. They have tried everything to take me out, death by vehicle, suicide, prison, $ the Govt. Black Ops even tried the mental health angle. Everything by the book. I am still alive for now suffering from major nerve damage and muscular dystrophy thanks to all the magnetics. Yes the digital evidence is insane using cameras and altered angles with mirrors, but don't waste your time on digital evidence, they own the digital and WiFi world, your evidence is gone as soon as you try to show it to somebody. Instead use scientific instruments to prove your case such as thermometers, magnetometers, multimeters, poloroid cameras, try to print your evidence asap, also keep a daily Journal describing your experiences, I also learned much through animals and nature. Also don't bother going to the cops they are in on it, and will only question your mental state. They are using your body as a ground creating dirty electricity by manipulating everything you own appliances, tv, vehicle. They are very good at changing manufacture stickers and SN'rs. Nothing is grounded around you, including water line electrical recpticals nothing. Anything that is raw steel around me will rust out within weeks, when it should take years. Trust your senses and B smart, strong and drink lots of water to survive this genocide. People will label you because they refuse to look at the facts. Ultimately they will judge you only because it is too horrible for them to even consider and that their tax money is going towards these sick operations. Still stand strong, and prey that the 2nd comming of Christ will come soon!

  2. All of the same tactics above in the targeted individual blog have also been attempted on me. My own family has known of this the whole time and are playing dumb about it. I come from a military family, it seems really weird when people you haven't ever met already know you, I try and stay strong, stick to my own small family. I can feel my implant, above my left eye, I just go to work and deal with idiots every day, I need my implant removed, it hurts sometimes. I've let people feel it sometimes. The implant reads thoughts, ideas, etc. Then people read me back quotes that I thought. Sometimes I think that they are so miserable of people that they want to die, hard to tell. It's not their faults that they are born ignorant, atleast everyone is more intelligent from the Darpa program. My name is Lonnie W. Hyde, I live in Port Gamble, Washington State.