Sunday, 10 July 2016

Barrie Trower Talks with Victims of Non-Consensual Microwave and EMF Experimentation and Testing

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

All Limits to human freedom are imposed by mind control

The direction is obvious. It is our challenge to de condition ourselves and our fellow humans from all various modes of mind control, that currently shape and warp our lives. 

Not only the covert and overt technologies that are used against the people such as brain implants, and neuroweapons but also the subtle control techniques also must be confronted, television, advertising, schooling, religion and political correctness.

At one end of the scale there is the psychiatric-conditioned animal, the human reduced in intellect and taught to drool by Pavlovian dog training techniques. 

The other end of the scale of possibilities open to humanity knows no definition. Although it may be a controversial viewpoint, I believe that the potentials of humans are unlimited after they have been progressively freed from limiting beliefs and delusions, all of which communicate to them that they are puny things who must carry out the wishes of the controllers. Technology can, in fact, be utilized to destroy limitations to human freedom, and that is another part of the challenge, to harness technology in the work of liberation. 

Ultimately, all barriers to our evolution can be shed. 
All limits to human freedom are imposed by mind control.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

We are all in this Together

The present society through its ruling class and their own murderous government seeks to imprison, kill, enslave, and permanently subdue the hearts & minds of men forever.
Since the beginning of recorded history men have lusted for control of their fellows. Until modern times brute force, propaganda, and religion were the most successful methods for the manipulation of human beings, but by the turn of this century coercive methodology had advanced far beyond the sword, the inflammatory slogan,and the stick and carrot of heaven and hell. 

Now,scientists in the pay of governments and other monied interests have made technical breakthroughs that render actual mind control feasible, and on a nigh-universal scale. Invasive control techniques have been fine-tuned to the point where the controllers are literally able to get inside our heads and to command us. They are able to tinker with our humanness, to manipulate it, to destroy it if they choose. They are able to use high tech networks of electronic entrainment and broadcasting nature has not even been hinted of in the mass media — since the mass media itself is employed in the same manner, for the manipulation of the populace. Even the subject of mind control in the media is mentioned only in the context of science fiction, or is derided as the delusions of the crazy "aluminum foil hat crowd," never mind that those guys might be on to something.

Now the powerful in their quest for a totalitarian state are provided with unprecedented access and control of our minds and humanity, to do with as they wilt. The means for the creation of worldwide slavery are in sight, and the implementation of this technology progresses day to day. The signs are all around us.

Many suspect that there is an overarching philosophy that has been engineering the crises and chaos of the latter portion of the 20th century, and I believe they are right. There are forces working behind the scenes, working to promote a New World Order not significantly different than the nega-utopian

Worldstate described in George Orwell's 1984. If this elite is cold-blooded enough to have calculatedly created war, famine, and designer disease, as many suspect they have, what qualms would discourage them from creating worldwide mind control?

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Lifting the Veil of Secrecy - The Invisible War

Only by lifting the veil of secrecy and informing humanity of the realities can we free people everywhere to survive and to liberate themselves and others from the bleak, unliveable future promised by the technology of the Invisible War.



The War on Conciousness:

Ex-CIA director Allen Dulles used to say that the most effective way to disguise a secret is to pretend to openly share information.

We are truly in a war. It is not the war we imagine we are in, which is the way our true adversaries want it. It is not a foreign war against a foreign enemy. It is a war on consciousness, a war on our own minds. The global war on terror that is being fought around the world is an embodied reflection in the material world of a deeper, more fundamental war that is going on in the realm of consciousness itself.

The private interests that control our government have an incredible mind-control/propaganda machine at their disposal in the form of the mainstream media, which if not quite fully owned and controlled, is certainly under their “influence” enough to serve their underlying self-serving agenda. George Orwell once said that omission is the greatest form of lie – this perfectly describes the corporate owned media of today which is nothing other than the propaganda organ of the state.

The corporate world and our government are becoming indistinguishable, which is one of the hallmarks of fascism, or more accurately – corporatism.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Raising Awareness of Targeted Individuals would like visitors to this site to contemplate their own human frailty, the conditions that lead to torture, and how they can be up-standers – people who stand up for others – in a world that has too many bystanders.

  • These activism efforts are ongoing and will continue to be ongoing until these crimes are illegal in every  nation on the planet.


*Torture rests on a seedbed of ritualisation. 

We can ritualise cruel behaviour and violence and we can ritualise compassion and love. Ultimately the choice is ours.

The bid for absolute power on the part of the ''Modern State," is enhanced by the open secrecy of torture. In order to remain at the edge of the law, and to continue to create and negotiate it's power the ritualistaion of violence that is torture must be hidden from plain view while at the same time this must be broadcasted to the public so that they know of it and be shocked and awed.

Torture exerts a claim not only over its victims bodies, but also their minds and emotions. It is a means of shaping body,mind and emotion into alignment with a certain image of the state.

To study torture as ritual undercuts any view of torture as merely or even primarily a technique of interrogation. It brings us to view torture as a means of social control transgressing the rule of law.

Torture is revealed as a threat to all freedoms and to the health of the human heart and soul. Concerted opposition to torture becomes both possible and necessary.

To fight against state torture and torture states means to abandon a sometimes far too convenient state imagination - the illusion of an almighty state, able and obliged to protect us from every imaginable threat, including terrorism,but there cannot ever be absolute security. There can be no doubt relative degrees of safety, but torture does not enhance security. It merely helps us to believe in the illusion of a State that can save us from imaginary ticking bombs.

To become cruel and inhumane is a price to high to pay for an illusion!

Excuses and Manipulations For Torture By The Corporate State

  • Basically a person is selected for torture and surveillance for whatever real reason is involved — classified work, they are presumed subversive, they are a random experimental subject, etc. — and then one objective of the surveillance is to come up with plausible lies about why the surveillance was begun in the first place.

  • Excuses and Manipulations For Torture By The Corporate State 

  • Pretend it is a battle between equals. Act like this is some struggle between equals, a sporting event, or even a war between two armies. Never express the reality that this is a military and intelligence attack against civilians in their homes using advanced weaponry.
  • Demonize the victims. Pretend the victims were terrible people, who deserve what they got, and from whom the public needs to be protected. Portray domestic repression as a “good” sort of government vigilante action. Choose one or two victims in particular to smear. An individual cannot begin to counter a huge, behind-the-scenes smear campaign — especially when coupled with torture — and all the other victims will be smeared by association.
  • Compare adult citizens to children. The paternalistic approach to justifying torture. Claim that these people do not know what is best for them and cannot make their own decisions. If we have to abuse and violate these people it is only tough love. If they demand their basic human rights it only shows how childlike and naive they are.
  • This information is too valuable to give up. The Nazi medical data excuse. This research is necessary for national security, for the medical and psychological data we obtain, and any other information we steal. To protect freedom and uphold the Constitution, some citizens must be summarily enslaved and tortured.
  • “She wanted it.” Like the excuse of the rapist, pretend the victims really wanted the “attention” of the mind controllers. This is especially good if Stockholm syndrome can be induced in the victim.
  • Medieval doctor syndrome. Torture and traumatize the victim into a terrible state. Back off the overt harassment a bit. If the victim gets better, claim you cured them. You were only “helping” them all along. (“The lobotomy cured the patient’s hyperactivity.”)
  • Spread the blood around. The more people who can be made to take part in the crimes, the more support there is for covering them up and continuing them. Spread around the “spoils” of the torture. Give foreign governments and intelligence agencies some of the data and technology. Encourage the general public to participate in the harassment and torture of the victims.
  • Appeal to the status quo. Point to how things are now. Claim that surely things would be worse if the secret atrocities had not been committed. Present some ludicrous and dubious scenarios that “might have happened” if certain Bill of Rights had stood in the way. (The same sort of approach can be taken to show why the secret crimes cannot possibly be exposed…)
  • The victims are only in it for the money. This absurd claim can aid in turning the public against the victims, and can even sow dissension among the victims. People are always suspicious of their purse-strings, and many are just greedy. This claim ignores the fact the most victims first want the torture to stop, and then want to see some sort of justice done. With the facts out, any claims for compensation can be rationally considered in the open. (Calling compensation for years of torture and abuse “welfare” is another way to belittle the victims.)
  • It’s not really that bad. As such, it is in many ways a reflection of our society. The system, at the same time, has also evolved to maximize the trauma and terror experienced by the victims. It really is that bad. Victims have to live under constant surveillance for 24 hours a day. They never know when they might be killed or have their brains fried into retardation. They cannot trust their own thoughts because their minds have been repeatedly violated. It is like being a chimpanzee in an aversive conditioning lab with an electrode in the brain. This is carried out in the context of purposely induced trauma and human social ridicule.

  • Denying the Problem
  • The victims are crazy, the weapons do not exist. The standard lines. Repeat every step of the way. Put the burden of proof on the victim to explain all the technology developed in secret, black projects, and to explain exactly how the effects they experience each day are being caused. Use techniques that mimic mental illness and counter every claim of harassment with a dismissive “paranoid schizophrenia.” If some weapons are shown to exist, claim that the government never built any such weapons. If the government is shown to possess such weapons, claim that they would never, ever use them in the way that has been alleged.
  • Silence the whistle-blowers. Harass them. Destroy their careers. Threaten their families. Make them the next victims.
  • “Chomskyize” the whistle-blowers. If someone cannot be intimidated, if they are too well-known, and if their careers cannot be completely ruined, ignore them. That is, actively ignore them. If too many of their facts and analyses cannot be refuted, then they are left out of the debate. Everything proceeds as if the person had never said anything.
  • Claim, “the system works.” Repeat this again and again to make it more true. Sure there are some problems, but the system is working. You just need to follow channels, hire lawyers, and lobby for your cause (even if that cause is stopping the torture of citizens by their government). Some of these things are worth doing, but not because the system works. The system only works to maintain the status quo. In intelligence matters, even more than others, the system is corrupt to the point where it is simply evil. Intelligence agencies routinely lie to governments which may or may not be aware of it.

  • Manipulating and Turning Away From Individual Victims

  • Straightforward harassment. Death threats, threats against family and friends, surveillance, ridicule, attempts to demean, rumourmonger. Attacks with secret weapons inside the home, harassment on the street. Psychological warfare attacks, especially with feedback from surveillance. This is a chapter in itself.
  • Aww, poor baby. You went and got yourself tortured. You must have done something to deserve it. This really fits in with the demeaning aspects above, but I've put it here because it illustrates an attitude that extends beyond just the harassers.
  • Call the victim naive. Imply that the harassment is normal, and that the victim should have known that all along. “The natural order of things” and other such supremacist crap. Everybody knows — but at the same time it is not happening at all and the victim is crazy.
  • If only you hadn't done that! Imply that help is on the way, and that you have the power to aid the victim. Build up the sense that help is just around the corner. Watch the victim, and when they do something you want to train them out of, cry, “If only you hadn't done that!” That is, no help will be forthcoming, and now it is the victim’s fault. This works well with good cop/bad cop routines. It also works well in conjunction with other harassment. If the victim is really desperate, traumatized, and in fear for their life it can work over and over again.
  • If only you would do this… If only the victim would modify his or her life in the prescribed way, then the harassment would stop or the rescuers could help. This is direct behaviour modification: Only by conforming and following orders can you be free. Once you change one thing, there is always another. Later on, the “rescuers” may say, “We cannot help you, but aren't you so much better off for following our directions?” The fact that you cooperated with harassers posing as rescuers may be used to imply that you consented to the harassment.
  • The harassers need to save face. This is used to get victims to back off from their complaints, and to get activists to tone down their activities. The claim is that somehow things will be magically worked out behind the scenes if only the torturers could do it in a face-saving way. The fact that this has not happened in fifty years is not mentioned. It is basically a lie to stall for time, and stonewalling and delay is the preferred technique of escaping accountability. I call a Nazi a Nazi.
  • You have to wait in line. The implication is that there is some secret process of justice working behind the scenes, and your turn is coming. You are selfish for wanting to jump ahead in line! This system is overloaded (which is no excuse, even if such a system did exist) but if you put up with torture for a few more years you may come to the top of the list.
Hollywood is Copying, Fabricating, and in many Cases Whitewashing and Sanitizing what NSA & The Corporate State are doing to Real Life, Real World Victims of Systematic Targeting. The  FACTS ARE THAT INNOCENT PEOPLE are BEING SCAPEGOAT and SET UP – for HUMAN DESTRUCTION.

80% to 85% of the Subtle, Covert and/or Overt Tactics are in the realm of DoD/NSA Psychological Warfare, Psychological Operations, and Psychological INTIMIDATION, HARASSMENT, and Manipulation: They are designed and utilized as forms of Psychological Terror, Psychological Conditioning in the form of TRAUMA BASED Behavioral Modifications, Negative Association Triggers or Triggering (i.e. colors, visuals, motions, keyword triggering) and/or to literally Break Down the Unsuspecting Targeted Individual (TI) who is “Blitzed” with Covert and Overt in Your Face Tactical Operations to LET YOU KNOW – YOU ARE BEING TARGETED.

These type of Insidious, Repetitive Tactics are also utilized to Provoke the Targeted Victim into Reacting NEGATIVELY by saying something or striking out, or to get the target to commit suicide, basically find psychological means and manipulation to Coerce the Targeted Individual to Self Destruction – due to the insidiously violent and pervasive 24/7/365 community, workplace, and public stalking, harassment, invasion of privacy, exploitation of private information, etc.

Once the Target Reacts Negatively – it is immediately Capitalized upon in order to Further Victimize the Targeted Individual by Getting them in TROUBLE and/or NEGATIVELY LABELLED in order to SILENCE/NEUTRALIZE THEM – It can be anything from arrested, locked up in psych wards, fired from their jobs (workplace mobbing), to evicted from homes/apartments – It is what is known as SILENCING or NEUTRALIZING a Human Being.

These are the 21st Century, Post 9/11 Department of Defense/National Security, Law Enforcement, and Private Security Corporations TACTICAL Operations, in what used to be known as COINTELPRO and MCCARTHY ERA BLACKLISTING.

Post 9/11 the State/Corp utilizes what I call a Nationwide Civilian Informant/Sleeper Cell Network – who have been aggressively Recruited under the False Flag Operations under the Guise of “The War on Terror” – Neighbourhood / Community Watch, Community Liaison Programs, See, Something, Say, Something Groups focuses on (3) areas of aggressive Civilian Recruitment


This “Nationwide Civilian Informant/Sleeper Cell Network” can be ACTIVATED, whenever a Blacklisted Targeted Individual, Family, Group, Company, etc. have been LISTED for State/Corporate Systemic Silencing and Destruction.

I call it the: SMEAR, FEAR, HATE, RETALIATION and REVENGE CAMPAIGN – used in a Psychological Operations, “Hearts and Mind” Campaign to win over Communities, Organizations, Groups, and/or Individual’s who can influence within, to be a part of destroying, silencing, and in many cases ASSASSINATING a Targeted Individual.

I consider what is being done State, Corporate and Academia Sponsored, Sanctioned, and COVERED UP – DOMESTIC TERRORISM and DOMESTIC TERRORIST ACTIVITIES.

Short Film - Iron Sky

Saturday, 22 November 2014

What can you do?

By becoming aware of this Criminal Activity you will also become aware of the Corporations, Institutions and Individuals involved in this crime. If you can expose the criminal participation by private intelligence/security firms, corrupt law enforcement and intelligence officers, and local “community policing” vigilante groups, please do so.

The Edward Snowden leaks about the NSA spying on all of us are just the tip of iceberg. Thousands of innocent people including children, in the USA and other Western countries, are attacked and (physically or mentally) murdered by secret services, including military, using their high tech methods and deniable (through-wall) electronic weapons. We all must make an effort to put these criminals behind bars!

Edward Snowden on December 17, 2013: These programs were never about terrorism: they're about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation. They're about power.

And power is about elimination of opponents. This is exactly what secret services do ... eliminate. The other thing secret services do is experiment with new methods and new weapons, this is called 'mind control experimentation'. In both cases the methods and weapons are often gang stalking and electronic weapons. Many ignorant and innocent people including children are eliminated these ways or subjected to this experimentation. Many suffer, many die. These crimes are among the worst in history and are a disgrace to humanity.

What is a Targeted Individuals (T.I)

Targeted Individuals experience the following forms of harassment :
1 .Gang-stalking 
2. Directed Energy Weapons (Dews)
3. Psyops

Are you a Targeted Individual?

Target - an ordinary citizen subjected to psychological warfare inside and outside his/her home by shadowy groups whose aims are unclear. These attacks are occurring today all around the world on people from all walks of life. 
Targeted Individuals are those who have experienced phenomena like bullying, mobbing, collective gang stalking (also known as covert, organized or government stalking), electronic harassment and mind control.

We will also analyse who and why there is a violation of Targeted Individuals' basic human rights, with the infliction of unbearable psychological and physical pain upon them. Is this some covert government experiment upon their own people? Or is it some criminal activity designed to eliminate people that a certain psychopath has considered to be "unworthy"? Or is it that our society itself has developed into a complicated system of torture.

The No Touch Torture Programme

Organised covert warfare has been used on civilians extensively by East Germany's notorious Stasi.Although rarely discussed in the media the tactics are still in use by law enforcement, intelligence and corporate agencies worldwide today.The tactics includes threats, slander,mobbing, blacklisting, electronic surveillance, direct energy weapons, and vandalism.

Intention of the Programme

The intention of the programme is to destroy the targeted individual psychologically, socially and financially.