Sunday, 23 November 2014

Hollywood is Copying, Fabricating, and in many Cases Whitewashing and Sanitizing what NSA & The Corporate State are doing to Real Life, Real World Victims of Systematic Targeting. The  FACTS ARE THAT INNOCENT PEOPLE are BEING SCAPEGOAT and SET UP – for HUMAN DESTRUCTION.

80% to 85% of the Subtle, Covert and/or Overt Tactics are in the realm of DoD/NSA Psychological Warfare, Psychological Operations, and Psychological INTIMIDATION, HARASSMENT, and Manipulation: They are designed and utilized as forms of Psychological Terror, Psychological Conditioning in the form of TRAUMA BASED Behavioral Modifications, Negative Association Triggers or Triggering (i.e. colors, visuals, motions, keyword triggering) and/or to literally Break Down the Unsuspecting Targeted Individual (TI) who is “Blitzed” with Covert and Overt in Your Face Tactical Operations to LET YOU KNOW – YOU ARE BEING TARGETED.

These type of Insidious, Repetitive Tactics are also utilized to Provoke the Targeted Victim into Reacting NEGATIVELY by saying something or striking out, or to get the target to commit suicide, basically find psychological means and manipulation to Coerce the Targeted Individual to Self Destruction – due to the insidiously violent and pervasive 24/7/365 community, workplace, and public stalking, harassment, invasion of privacy, exploitation of private information, etc.

Once the Target Reacts Negatively – it is immediately Capitalized upon in order to Further Victimize the Targeted Individual by Getting them in TROUBLE and/or NEGATIVELY LABELLED in order to SILENCE/NEUTRALIZE THEM – It can be anything from arrested, locked up in psych wards, fired from their jobs (workplace mobbing), to evicted from homes/apartments – It is what is known as SILENCING or NEUTRALIZING a Human Being.

These are the 21st Century, Post 9/11 Department of Defense/National Security, Law Enforcement, and Private Security Corporations TACTICAL Operations, in what used to be known as COINTELPRO and MCCARTHY ERA BLACKLISTING.

Post 9/11 the State/Corp utilizes what I call a Nationwide Civilian Informant/Sleeper Cell Network – who have been aggressively Recruited under the False Flag Operations under the Guise of “The War on Terror” – Neighbourhood / Community Watch, Community Liaison Programs, See, Something, Say, Something Groups focuses on (3) areas of aggressive Civilian Recruitment


This “Nationwide Civilian Informant/Sleeper Cell Network” can be ACTIVATED, whenever a Blacklisted Targeted Individual, Family, Group, Company, etc. have been LISTED for State/Corporate Systemic Silencing and Destruction.

I call it the: SMEAR, FEAR, HATE, RETALIATION and REVENGE CAMPAIGN – used in a Psychological Operations, “Hearts and Mind” Campaign to win over Communities, Organizations, Groups, and/or Individual’s who can influence within, to be a part of destroying, silencing, and in many cases ASSASSINATING a Targeted Individual.

I consider what is being done State, Corporate and Academia Sponsored, Sanctioned, and COVERED UP – DOMESTIC TERRORISM and DOMESTIC TERRORIST ACTIVITIES.


  1. I had this experience for years - I was interrogated during the sleep. In Fall 2013 I had short conversation with Obama. Based on his question - if I would not raise revolution if he would ask me not to do it - my guess is that I have to thank for this unwanted conversation because of my participation in Occupy movement. But I did not know at that point what was going on as I could not imagine that someone would use such a horrible technology on another human being. In December 2015 I was so viciously attacked - they would wake me with whistling, some synthesized voices, even with my own voice. But this makes sense - during the nightly sessions I am asked questions and I am giving answers. Explanation is simple - while sleeping I am in the unconscious state the same state as people in anesthesia or who are hypnotized. It is just that this time the technology is involved. Based on the fact that my computers, cell phones are hacked since spring 2007 they had enough time to study my living patterns. Not only government (DARPA) is behind but also corporations. Or illuminati. Which I think is interconnected. Who might be illuminati - for sure not janitors but rather CEOs of some of the companies. Recently I was waked up with the words "Greetings from billionaire class". I had misfortune to work for a health insurance company in California and write to their current CEO one email he did not like. So it is this connection government and corporations. After all who are the biggest donors to presidential candidates – rich people and corporations. Therefore I think that we know who is behind. But it is outrageous that they are destroying people's lives. And I know why attacks started to be so intensive in December - because I started to write and tell the facts on some forums about that CEO. So with 'the little help of his friends' as he told me during the night he decided to destroy me. I think that there are clear phases and to destroy TI would be the final one. In January early in the morning my heart was zapped 4 times - I heard four buzzes and I was not sleeping. I felt that someone wanted to pull my heart out of my chest with the magnet. I don't know how they did this. I thought that nobody was living in the apartment below as I would never see anyone on the balcony, the shades were never open. Suddenly one day I noticed a man coming out of the apartment. Then I checked and noticed that he is sitting the whole day there with the shades closed but apartment lit even during the day. So how difficult would be to have your neighbor working against you. Although the technologies used are sophisticated and for sure satellites, cell phone towers, surveillance cameras are all utilized for harassment. I think we should organize.