Friday, 21 November 2014


          The following is the (3) Page Cover Letter sent to a Targeted Individual in a package,             which was sent to (8 or 10) other people.  The recipient was only provided with a Copy of          the Cover Letter, and all other content enclosed in the package were confiscated by law          enforcement.   This included (1) USB flash drive with what the recipient was told were Videos documenting his Targeting, as well as other documents and a letter to be provided to Congress. 

MYRON MAY - Targeted Individual Letter to Fellow TI Which He Wanted Published

21 November 2014: The following is to ensure that the Cover Letter from the Package that was sent to a Targeted Individual is not lost in THEIR NARRATIVES but his words. 

Was Myron May Targeted? He states in his letter that he became aware approximately a couple months ago - which mean he was BLITZED - but it was said further on the recording that he could trace it back to about (1) year ago, and possibly an incident of racial profiling back in Florida. From which point, there appeared to be heavy Law Enforcement targeting.

But the "BLITZ" once started appears to have been too much to sustain. The following is what the clandestine agencies have the capability to do via Psychological Warfare - be it in the Real World or in the Cyber World. 

When you are being Blitzed it is from both cyber and boots on the ground - ALL at Once to include a Nationwide Network of Civilian Recruits in the form of Neighbourhood Watch/Community Liaison's that are provided with information to assist in the Targeting. 

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